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The Virginia Opioid Abatement Authority (OAA) and the Virginia Institute of Government (VIG) are pleased to announce the launch of the new Abatement Academy for 2023. The Academy is composed of a series of FREE, bi-weekly webinars to highlight examples programs that align with nationally recognized principles for the use of funds from opioid litigation. The intended audience includes local government representatives, state agency professionals, and groups or individuals who provide services or support to people suffering from opioid use disorders.

The Abatement Academy will also include one-day in-person workshops on September 7 (Abingdon) and October 19 (Charlottesville).

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Webinars will be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month starting on May 25 and ending on December 14. The sessions will be broken down based on the following nationally recognized five principles: 

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Principle 1: Spend the Money to Save Lives 

 April 27
How a Peer Run Recovery Organization is Saving Lives in Northern Virginia 
Ginny Lovitt, Chris Atwood Foundation 

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May 25
Providing the Full Continuum of Recovery Support at CARITAS 
Benjamin Carr and Emily Lehmann, CARITAS 

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June 8
How our Community is Saving Lives Through Targeted Harm Reduction        
Tammy Bise, Mt. Rogers Health District and Daniel Hunsucker, Lenowisco Health District 

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Principle 2: Use Evidence to Guide Spending 

June 22
Measuring the Impact of a Fire/EMS Agency Connecting People to Treatment After an Overdose 
Dr. Allen Yee & Batt. Chief Justin Adams, Chesterfield County Fire & EMS

Application to Distribute Naloxone as a Harm Reduction Partner Program in Virginia

Quarterly Drug Death Report

2022 All Drug Deaths (All Substances)

Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation Packet

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July 13 
Measuring the Effectiveness of Certified Recovery Homes in Virginia 
Anthony Grimes, Executive Director, Va Assoc of Recovery Residences 

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July 27
Evidence Proves that Certified Peers can Serve in Critical Positions Across the Continuum of Care 
Robyn Hantelman and Tom Jackson, Virginia Recovery Advocacy Project 

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Principle 3: Invest in Youth Prevention 

Aug 10      
Horizon Behavioral Health’s Evidence-Based Approaches to Youth SUD Prevention

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Aug 24
Youth and Adolescent Substance Use Prevention Strategies in Northern Virginia 
Fairfax County Community Services Board  

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Abatement Academy, Fairfax County Youth & Adolescent Prevention Strategies:
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This page has info on fentanyl, fake pills, and photos. Fairfax County also has a communications toolkit there. Anyone can download and use these materials:
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Fairfax County Community Services Board provides fentanyl testing strips from:
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Folks interested in getting involved in Fairfax efforts, please check out and consider participating with the Fairfax Prevention Coalition:
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Sept 14
Recovery Academy – The High School Experience that is Changing Lives 
Justin Savoy, Coordinator, Chesterfield Recovery Academy 

Chesterfield Recovery Academy - Presentation

Progress Report from Chesterfield Academy

Chesterfield Recovery Academy - Update Report

Chesterfield Recovery Academy - Info Cards

Chesterfield Recovery Academy - Quick Glimpse Video

Chesterfield Recovery Academy - Webpage

Legislation that Established Chesterfield Recovery Academy

Chesterfield Recovery Academy – The High School Experience that is Changing Lives - Video



Principle 4: Focus on Racial Equity 


Sept 28      
Resources and Methods to Overcome Barriers to Access 
Kevin Roy and Leah Kaugman, Shatterproof 


Oct 12
How Local Governments Can Create or Expand Recovery Courts and Alternative Dockets 
Anna Powers, Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia 


Oct 26
Serving Diverse Individuals in a Peer-Led Recovery Community Organization 
Honesty Liller, McShin Foundation 


Principle 5: Develop a Fair and Transparent Process for Deciding Where to Spend the Funding 


Nov. 9       
Community Engagement Leads to Support for a Treatment Facility in SW Virginia 
Rick Mitchell, Bob Garrett, Linda Austin, Mended Women Treatment Center        


Dec 14      
Identifying Gaps and Measuring Your Impact – An Overview of the Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT) 
Leslie Egen, FAACT Program, DCJS